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Daring poker player takes tournament winnings and bets them on one roulette spin

They made a "conservative estimate" that dozens ACTION drivers would be heavier than the seats' load-bearing capacities, and with drivers circulating through ACTION's fleet of buses, getting behind the wheel was "like playing Russian roulette". "Any given driver could circulate through 30 buses in a 12-month period," the injured driver said. The injured driver said that without a mandatory requirement for drivers to be weighed, there was no way ACTION could guarantee its seats were safe for drivers of any weight. He said this created the potential for seats to "bottom out" or collapse. "If a seat collapsed, a driver could lose control of the vehicle, which could be catastrophic," he said. The Canberra Times asked Transport Canberra and City Services, which is responsible for ACTION Buses, a series of questions including whether a program was in place to monitor drivers' weights and ensure they complied with the seat manufacturer's specifications, and if so, how many drivers exceeded the safe weight limits. Rather than answer the questions individually, the government directorate replied with a list of bullet points that it said "should address" the questions. It said Transport Canberra was "working with other ACT government departments on systems and process for monitoring driver body weights", and that Transport Canberra made "every effort" to ensure the safety and wellbeing of drivers. All drivers were required to undergo an annual medical assessment to confirm they were "medically fit to do their job safety". Drivers have told The Canberra Times the assessment does not include being weighed.

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